The Fort Myers Dining Club


Debi Almeida, Beth Haely and Kelly Koerpel enjoying a night out at a recent Dining Club Rally.

Welcome Cafe Italia!
We want to welcome our newest addition to the Dining Club, Cafe Italia. Located in the Sanibel Beach Place plaza 2 miles from Sanibel. Great homemade pasta, sorbet, gelatto and pastries!

The Fort Myers Dining Club is a group that meets once per month at a Fort Myers restaurant for a night of cocktails, dinner, friendship and raising money for non-profits. Members of the Club receive 10% off when they present their card at participating restaurants. Like a Chamber of Commerce meeting, the monthly get togethers are a great way to network and brand your name in the Fort Myers community. It is also a way to meet new friends and try out restaurants you may have never visited before.

Launched by Island Scene, Inc. in January of 2015, the Club is a spin-off of the Sanibel Captiva Neighbors Club. The idea behind the Neighbors Club was to reward locals and host nights out at Club restaurants while supporting non-profits.

steak dinnerCMYK

As a member of the Fort Myers Dining Club, you’ll have the opportunity to try out new restaurants at a 10% discount.

The Fort Myers Dining Club features restaurants along the historic McGregor corridor as well the Belltower area and Gulfcoast Town Center. The cuisine ranges from New York-style steakhouses to authentic Vietnamese to homemade Mexican dishes.

The cost is $30 per year for an individual membership and $45 for a family membership. The Fort Myers Dining Club donates 10% of all membership fees to the Lee Memorial Military Support program.

For more information, please contact Brian Johnson at 239-910-3099 or at